The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

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The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

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The Importance Of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a term used in the field of marketing to measure the level of compatibility between the expectations of potential customers and the company products.

This term is being used commonly nowadays due to the huge competition between companies that work in the same field. In addition, one of the main reasons is the huge expansion of markets and their transcendence of geographical boundaries.

Customer satisfaction is very important because it provides a system to measure the level of the relationship between the company and the customers. It is also very beneficial in improving services that will lead to a higher success rate because it analyzes the strengths and weaknesses in performance which helps in improving services.

What is important about customer satisfaction?

  1. It is an indication of the customers ’intention to purchase, their satisfaction with your service, and the reputation of your company: The main indicator is the customer’s questions about the product features without focusing only on the price. When the customers are satisfied with you as a representative of your company, they will buy your product or service for your good interaction with them, the quality of the product, then the price, and lastly the after-sale service. Moreover, it is also important to mention that the role of the marketer is very important in persuading the customer to get the product or service.
  2. It differentiates you from other companies: Reaching customers ’satisfaction is the main factor that differentiates you from other companies. For example, if there are two companies offering the same product, you have to involve positive recommendations for your marketing strategy to lead the customer to choose your company. The positive recommendation means finding a group of customers who are completely satisfied with your product or service and encouraging them to work in your company as a sales representative.
  3. It reduces the loss of customers: High Price is not the primary reason for losing customers, it is the quality.
  4. It increases the company’s revenues constantly: A study conducted by Info Quest, the Greece Corporation, which has played a leading role in the global IT market for more than 38 years, showed that the fully satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times more to the company than the initially satisfied customer and 14 times more than the unsatisfied customer.
  5. It improves the company’s reputation: An unsatisfied customer has a huge impact on the surroundings by spreading a bad reputation about the company. Every dissatisfied customer tells between 9 to 15 people about his bad experience with the company. In fact, customer satisfaction must be measured permanently. Therefore, it is more important for the company to maintain and old customer than attract a new one. Earning a new customer costs 6 to 7 times when compared to obtaining an old customer.

How can we measure customer satisfaction?

  • There are many different systems for measuring customer satisfaction. All of these systems focus on creating the best product quality, meeting customer expectations, enhancing their intention to purchase again, and increasing loyalty to the product or service.
  • The most important baseline in measuring customer satisfaction is email surveys because it is the most effective way to reach customers.
  • Information can be collected through survey researches via the company’s main email and personal interviews with clients. Then, choosing the optimal way to collect information and deciding the number of surveys needed in order to collect the main information from the clients without disturbing them.
  • How to enhance customer satisfaction?
  • Focus on measuring customer satisfaction: 91% of dissatisfied customers are forever lost and will never buy any product or service again. Measuring the level of customer satisfaction will help you to reduce the number of unsatisfied customers. 
  • Work to enhance loyalty to services and products: Loyalty means that there is a lifelong relationship between the company and the customer. This relationship is the strongest and best influential publicity any company can obtain.
  • Avoid making common mistakes: Even the most successful companies lose 9% of their customers annually. The reason behind this is the common mistakes committed widely. The main common mistake is ignoring the reactions received from customers and dealing with them as a personal matter.
  • Collect information in the right way: surveys are the best way to find out the customer satisfaction rate. create a survey that suits your product or service, and your audience.
  • Use the best way to survey your customer: E-mail survey is the most effective way to enhance customer satisfaction. furthermore, it is very beneficial in increasing income, improving sales, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Use social media platforms: Some customers turn to the company’s pages to complain or leave reviews. It is important to follow all of the positive or negative written comments and study product reviews. This will enhance customer service and direct communication with them.

In conclusion if you do not know how to evaluate your costumers satisfaction, you will be lost and it will be impossible to increase their satisfaction. After gathering feedback from your customers, make sure to ask about the reasons that affected their reviews and their suggestions to develop the product or service in the future.

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