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Slikscreen Printing

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Gift Items Printing

What are the types of printing on advertising gifts?

Silkscreen printing

There are different types of advertising gifts that can be printed by the silkscreen method. The silkscreen is an artistic method that depends on the printing technician and his experience that gets developed through his work period. Since it is a manual printing method, it needs a little more time to be done perfectly when compared to the other printing methods.

UV printing

This method is one of the fastest printing methods as it depends fully on the machines in the printing process. there are some product materials that accept this type of printing method while others do not accept it. To explain more, deciding if the product material can be printed by UV printing methods depends on the print area and the type of material. The employee does not interfere in this type of printing except through the computer to adjust the designs. Here are examples that can be printed by the UV method (plastic pens – key chains – flash).

Thermal printing

This type of printing can be used on the specific types of papers, and it is done through thermal heaters and compressors specialized in these types of printing. This type of printing takes a little more time due to the use of heat in printing. Here are examples of products that can be printed by the thermal printing method (t-shirts – Shields – caps).

Laser engraving printing

This method of printing is applied by engraving in the same material, and it is used for printing on metals, leather, and wood. This type of printing can be done faster than the other printing methods due to its dependence on the laser engraving printing machine. This type of printing is well-known for high accuracy finish which gives perfect results. Here are examples of products that can be printed by laser engraving printing method (metal pens – agendas – flash memory metal – leather calendars).

How can we serve you?

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