Aluminum Cladding Panels

Premium Quality Material for All Our Signs

Aluminum cladding panels are 3mm thick. The face side is the colored with high gloss or matte, and the other side matt grey finish, available in all standard colors. Ideal for corporate signs, fascia panels, gas station, column cladding, wall cladding, etc.

Aluminum Cladding Panels
Cladding Signage

We manufacturing and installation aluminum cladding panels in a wide range of applications such as (billboards, kiosks, gas stations, etc), Aluminum cladding panels can be made to different colors and shapes to meet the original design of architects.

Cladding Signage
Square MetersPrice / Square Meter
1 up to 28SAR 250
29 up to 56SAR 240
57 up to 84SAR 230
85 up to 112SAR 220
113 up to 140SAR 210
141 up to 168SAR 200
Cladding Wayfinding

Good pylon signage is essential for any building used by the public and for large businesses, We can create pylon signage schemes for hospitals and health centers, gas stations, schools, universities, companies and mall centers.

Gas Station Pylon
Gas Station Digital Signage Display110 CM X 500 CMSAR 14000
Gas Station Entry Signage70 CM X 100 CMSAR 2750