Digital Marketing


YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook

Boost your social media presence to engage existing customers and get in front of new ones through interest-based audiences. We deliver paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and support with creative designs to maximize performance.

Social Media Management

We’re idea creators, designers, and executers of growth strategies for your company in efforts to acquire profitable customers throughout thoughtful means of advertising services & digital communication tools.

Creating quality advertising takes time, creative energy, resources, and a certain amount of experience, whether it’s a project or a campaign, we’ll be your strategic partner of choice that works for your business reach.

Having your social channels run by Fan Al Taalouq Company Ltd. means implementing a full strategy with agreed-upon goals and targets.

Digital Strategy Plan

Creating a marketing strategy and action plan can be executing and hectic even for most experienced marketers.

Our digital marketing planning team shall work with you to provide expert advice and bring creative-changing strategies to life. Our talented team seeks to understand what you want to achieve and develop complete solutions that help you meet your marketing ambitions.

We’ll help you plan where you want to get and point you in the direction along the way.

Buy Digital Strategy Plan

    Buy Digital Marketing Plan

    Social Media Ads

    Social media has proven to be addressed as a viable and potentially well-paid marketing channel for B2B E& B2C organizations of all sizes, across markets.

    Our team is specialized in crafting targeted high-quality content that serves to attract engage and even convert customers as they influence their social relationships into their purchasing decisions.

    In setting up strong digital campaigns and connecting you to your audience, Our social networks and a variety of niche sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more for the big result your company may be searching for.

    We create & manage social media pages, digital campaigns, online advertisements, 24/7 customer engagement, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing monitoring & more.