Frequently Asked Questions

All published rates and invoices are in Saudi Riyal.

We have ten major verticals (Graphic Design, Corporate Identity, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Signboards, Gift Items, Motion Graphic Videos, Advertisement Tools, Photography, and Network Services.

We will assess your requirements free of charge, so if you are unsure, just send it over and we will take a look.

We accept Cash or bank transfers or Bank Cheque. TIP: We recommend direct bank transfers.

At any one time, our team will be working on a number of different projects for a variety of clients. For this reason, we accept projects as they come in and they are scheduled in. This is usually first in – first out.

Should you require a more consistent schedule, we will also be able to set that up for you by reserving Dedicated Staff for you at monthly rates.

Account Managers are standard POCs for Fan Al Taalouq Company Ltd.’ clients. However, if preferred, clients are more than welcome to communicate directly with their creative staff. Keep the Accounts team CC’ed though for proper tracking.

The project quote you will receive from us will indicate the expected turnaround and project timeline depending on the following factors:

  • Complexity of work
  • Availability of required project assets and materials
  • Staff availability (for Hourly and Project-Based engagements)

If a client leases a dedicated staff, the staff will exclusively work on your project, allowing you to have more control over the flow of the project, as well as the timeline. A project will start as soon as the client agrees to the proposed quote, and Scope of Work has been signed.

Quality Assurance measures are in place throughout a project’s life cycle. Quality Assurance specialists monitor for the Design Department, Production Department, Manufacturing Department to ensure the work is up to agreed specification.

Just as you would to your own in-house creative department, orders can be sent through via Email, WhatsApp, or Telephone.

Yes. We are a creative design agency that offers offshore Print and Digital Design, Gift Items, Digital Marketing, Branding, Animation, Video, and Website Development services to big and small brands and agencies.

Please contact us now by filling out our contact form so we can discuss your project. We will provide a cost estimate and project timeline for your review. You can also check our Services for a collection of our previous projects.