Silkscreen Printing Technician

  • Full Time | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Advertising

Job Brief

ARTISAN is on the hunt for a 3D Letters Signage Technician, an individual adept at crafting spatial expressions of our brand. This role is tailored for those who have a knack for sculpting visual narratives that extend beyond the flat plane, bringing our identity into the tangible three-dimensional space.


  • Design Translation: Convert 2D graphics into 3D lettered signs, ensuring the brand’s essence is captured spatially.
  • Material Selection: Choose appropriate materials and fabrication methods for creating durable and visually appealing 3D signs.
  • Machine Operation: Utilize cutting, molding, and shaping equipment to create 3D structures as per specifications.
  • Finishing Touches: Apply appropriate finishing (paint, polish, lighting) to the signs to enhance their visual impact and longevity.
  • Quality Assurance: Perform regular inspections of the signs, ensuring they align with ARTISAN’s quality standards and client requirements.


  • Educational Background: Vocational training or diploma in a related field. Certifications in 3D fabrication or signage creation are a plus.
  • Experience: A minimum of 3 years of experience in 3D letter signage creation or a similar domain.
  • Technical Expertise: Familiarity with machines and tools used in the creation of 3D signs.
  • Software Proficiency: Basic knowledge of 3D design software to visualize and optimize structures.
  • Bilingual Advantage: Fluency in both English and Arabic can aid in seamless communication across teams.


  • Spatial Understanding: Ability to visualize and craft in three dimensions, understanding depth, height, and breadth.
  • Aesthetic Sensibility: Ensure every sign embodies the brand’s essence while being visually compelling.
  • Problem-Solving Prowess: Address challenges that arise during fabrication efficiently.
  • Manual Precision: Skillful hands for detailed work, ensuring impeccable finishes.
  • Safety Consciousness: Always prioritize safety, especially when operating machinery.

Our Promise

Stepping into the role of ARTISAN’s 3D Letters Signage Technician means you’ll be breathing life into our brand in a tangible form. Your creations will stand as a 3D testament to our commitment to innovation and quality.

If you are driven by the challenge of sculpting stories in space, of translating flat designs into tangible forms, ARTISAN is your ideal arena. Join us and craft dimensions that resonate!

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