Cladding Technician

  • Full Time | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Advertising

Job Brief

ARTISAN is seeking a meticulous Cladding Technician to become a cornerstone of our physical infrastructure projects. This position is ideal for individuals who are passionate about blending functionality with aesthetic beauty, creating structures that not only stand tall but also tell a tale.


  • Installation Excellence: Precisely install cladding systems as per architectural plans and specifications.
  • Quality Assurance: Regularly inspect installations to ensure they adhere to quality standards, rectifying discrepancies as necessary.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with the design and construction team to understand project requirements and provide expert insights.
  • Maintenance Mastery: Conduct routine maintenance checks and repairs to ensure the longevity of cladding systems.
  • Safety Adherence: Ensure that all operations comply with safety regulations and that protective measures are in place.


  • Educational Background: Vocational training or diploma in a related field. Certification in cladding or related disciplines is an advantage.
  • Experience: At least 3 years of hands-on experience in cladding installation or a similar role in the construction industry.
  • Technical Know-how: Proficiency in using tools and machinery related to cladding tasks.
  • Knowledge Base: Understanding of cladding materials, methods, and safety protocols.
  • Bilingual Proficiency: Competence in both English and Arabic will be advantageous for seamless communication across teams.


  • Attention to Detail: An eye for precision to ensure installations are flawless.
  • Problem-solving Prowess: Ability to quickly identify issues and determine effective solutions.
  • Team Player: Capacity to collaborate efficiently with a diverse team of professionals.
  • Physical Stamina: Ability to handle the physical demands of the role, including lifting, bending, and working at heights.
  • Safety Consciousness: A keen sense of ensuring safety protocols are upheld at all times.

Our Promise

Joining ARTISAN as a Cladding Technician means you’ll be shaping the very facades that house our creativity and innovation. Your work will stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence, both in the digital sphere and in the physical world.

If you’re driven by a desire to leave a tangible mark on the world and have a passion for melding functionality with art, ARTISAN welcomes you to showcase your craftsmanship. Together, we’ll construct not just buildings, but legacies.

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