Creative Art Director

  • Full Time | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Design

Job Brief

We are in search of a Creative Art Director with the vision, leadership, and flair to guide our creative endeavors. This pivotal role involves not just overseeing design projects but also setting the artistic direction for our brand, ensuring that ARTISAN’s work is both innovative and coherent.


  • Visionary Leadership: Set and maintain a clear artistic vision, ensuring all projects are in alignment with our brand’s ethos and goals.
  • Team Collaboration: Lead, inspire, and guide our team of designers, illustrators, and other creatives, ensuring optimal collaboration and innovation.
  • Client Interface: Act as the primary creative contact for clients, translating their visions into actionable design strategies.
  • Trend Analysis: Keep a pulse on the latest design trends and industry shifts, integrating them into our projects and processes.
  • Quality Oversight: Ensure that all creative outputs are of the highest quality, reflecting ARTISAN’s commitment to excellence.


  • Educational Background: Bachelor’s degree in Art, Design, or a related field, with a Master’s or further training being a plus.
  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years in a leading creative role, with a proven track record of successful campaigns and projects.
  • Portfolio: A robust portfolio that showcases diverse projects and clear evidence of a visionary approach.
  • Software Proficiency: Mastery over tools like Adobe Creative Suite, and familiarity with 3D modeling, video production, and other multimedia tools.


  • Leadership Acumen: Proven ability to inspire, guide, and develop a team of creatives.
  • Strategic Mindset: Ability to conceptualize and execute holistic design strategies.
  • Exceptional Aesthetics: A refined aesthetic sense, coupled with a deep understanding of design principles.
  • Adaptability: Skill to pivot and adapt in a fast-evolving industry landscape.
  • Stellar Communication: Capability to communicate ideas, critiques, and feedback effectively to both team members and clients.

Our Promise

Joining ARTISAN as our Creative Art Director means stepping into a realm where your vision can shape the very fabric of our brand’s narrative. Our promise is a collaborative environment where innovation is revered, and excellence is the norm.

Are you ready to chart the artistic course for ARTISAN? Join us and become the guiding star of our creative galaxy, steering us towards ever brighter horizons in the expansive digital universe.

Upload your resume from your device. Acceptable formats are .docx or .pdf with a maximum file size of 5MB.