A picture is worth a thousand words

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A picture is worth a thousand words:

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Professional photography is an essential element in media work because of its great importance in documenting official, unofficial events, occasions, and all types of photography. Advertising and media work has developed fast because of its ability to motivate the recipient to buy the product or service. Professional photos are essential and should not be ignored, especially in the field of advertising and e-commerce.

Researchers have shown that people remember 80% of what they see, while they remember only 20% of what they read. In fact, customers can not judge the product unless they view its photo, so it is very important nowadays to give more attention to photographing the product and its features.

If you do not attach clear professional pictures of your products, you will likely lose some customers and decrease your sales. When it comes to e-commerce it is known that you will sell more when you have better product photos, because people turn to product photos before seeing textual information about the product.

Professional product photography is one of the most important things that reflects the quality of your product, on which the user builds the first impression of your store. The impression will be positive when the photos are unique and professional, while the impression will be negative when the photos are unprofessional, which will completely affect the shopper’s decision.

Photography impact on sales growth

Pictures enable you to display your products in a professional way to attract consumers to buy, because consumers love to see the real products before making a purchase. This means that nowadays the photos and videos of your products are more valuable than ever.

Photo advertising represents your brand

Some business owners think that taking photographs on their own or finding a cheaper alternative to professional photography may perform its purpose. If this is your opinion, you need to remember that Your photos represent your trademark. The low quality images on your website express your organization and the products and services that you offer.

Your photos and websites are very important when it comes to creating customer first impression.

The importance of Photographing products and geographical locations in advertising

Photography has become an essential necessity for advertising and e-marketing, as photography is an important aspect of the success of advertising, whether it is paper or electronic advertisements.

The importance of marketing products through the image

The world is witnessing a great development on the internet everyday in conjunction with the appearance and development of various social media platforms. This is resulting in a higher percent of people using social media daily to entertain or facilitate their business and marketing products. Also, the spread of Social media companies made it easy for people to realize the importance of marketing products online, because it is an effective way in displaying products, attracting customers, and helping to increase sales.

  • It helps in increasing interaction with customers, and giving companies a greater opportunity to understand customers and their requirements. This contributes to knowing the product’s weaknesses, and working to develop it to suit the needs of potential customers.
  • It gives companies a great opportunity to analyze consumer behavior to develop best strategies that increase sales. In addition, it contributes to improving strategies to make it easier for the company to reach to their targeted audience.
  • Low cost of marketing products online compared to other marketing methods.
  • The non-electronic marketing methods will take a long time to reach customers, which will wastes a lot of opportunities for business owners to promote their products and increase sales. In fact, marketing products online is characterized by rapid access to the consumer, and achieving higher sales results.

In the end, we have to say that the first thing that attracts the attention of shoppers in your store and makes them continue shopping is the pictures, not the words. They are not attracted to describing the product in words as much as they are attracted to pictures. This fact is supported by all the scientific theories related to business marketing strategies. Following this fact will show significant impact on the rate at which shoppers turn into real customers with large sales.

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