Types Of Logos Design

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Types of Logos

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Types Of Logos Design

The logo expresses a term, symbol, sign, design, or a combination of all. Companies print their logos on products or services to distinguish them from other brands or competitors. Moreover, the logo is considered the main identification of any product or service, and it also plays a fundamental role in building a connection between the customer and the product or service.

There are three types of logos:

  1. Commercial logo: used by companies to distinguish their products or services.
  2. Industrial logo: used by the manufacturer to distinguish their products or services.
  3. Service logo: used in specific service to distinguish it from other services.

Logo importance

  • It provides uniqueness and exclusivity to the product and gives an indication that this logo belongs to a specific company.
  • It enhances companies to develop their products to gain customer confidence.
  • Allows companies to market their products or services in the most appropriate conditions.
  • It helps customers to identify the product or service easily.
  • Prevents counterfeiters to destroy the reputation of the company by marketing poor quality products using your brand name.
  • Keeps the company’s name and value in the minds of consumers constantly.
  • Attracts attention to new products, builds loyalty to the product, facilitates quick follow up on requests, and identifies the weaknesses of the company products.

Steps of creating a successful logo

Firstly: Define the brand name

The brand name plays an important role in the speed of publicity in the market and the minds of customers. Simple and easy logos can be memorized faster and translated into many languages easily.

For examples, Herfy, Pepsi, Amazon, Souq, Heraj, Al-Manhal, Al -Tazeg, Al-Nadeg, Coca-Cola, Absher, and Noon.

Secondly: Decide the suitable type of logo

There are several types of logos, for example:

  • Word logo
  • Symbol logo
  • Combination logo
  • Negative space logo
  • 3D logo

There are many other types of logos, and each type has its own design method.

Thirdly: Logo design standards

There are some standers that must be taken into consideration when designing a logo in order to avoid disturbing the customer when looking at it. for example, following the golden ratio, and coordinating the proportions between shapes.

Fourthly: Choose the right colors for the logo

The most important step in designing a logo is to choose suitable and accurate colors for it because this will contribute to spreading the brand faster. The wrong choice of colors can contribute to sending a wrong meaning to the customers about the goal of the product, which will automatically lead to decreasing the spread of the brand. The fewer colors used in the logo, the easier the viewer can distinguish the brand.

Fifthly: Apply logos inside and outside the company building

There are two main goals you need to achieve in order to create a successful brand

  • Display the logo at every corner of the company, including walls, decorations, and clothes. This strategy will enhance employee loyalty to the company.
  • Increase audience awareness of the company by spreading the logo in each place the audience observes.

Sixthly: Development

Each owner of the company much changes his logo when it is needed. Logos must be developed with a perfect studied plan in order to create the simplest form of it. Each company has to create and develop a unique logo to distinguish their company from its competitors.

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