Ministry of Culture

3D Letters Signages, Flags

Technical Details

  • Material Composition: The stands were constructed using a blend of cladding and metal, chosen for their durability and suitability for outdoor settings.
  • Design: Each stand was thoughtfully designed to be both functional and visually appealing, reflecting the cultural significance of the project.
  • Painting and Finishing: High-quality paint was used for a lasting finish, complemented by acrylic elements that added to the visual appeal.
  • Silkscreen Printing: Employed for its precision and quality, silkscreen printing was used to create vibrant and durable graphical elements on the stands.
  • Barcode Integration: Unique barcodes were integrated into each stand, using technology that seamlessly connects users to different short stories.
  • Manufacturing and Installation: The stands were manufactured with high precision and installed across various regions of the Kingdom, ensuring widespread accessibility and impact.

Project Overview

The Saudi Ministry of Culture, in a pioneering initiative for The Literature, Publishing & Translation sector, introduced a series of interactive stands across the Kingdom, designed to engage the public in the world of literature. Each stand, distinctively placed in various locations, featured a unique barcode. When scanned, these barcodes revealed different short stories, bringing a modern twist to traditional reading. This inventive approach allowed for an interactive literary experience, encouraging exploration and making literature easily accessible to a wider audience. The project perfectly combined technology with the arts, enhancing the cultural and educational landscape of Saudi Arabia and making reading an engaging, communal activity.


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