Riyadh Bank

3D Letters Signages

Project Overview

We are proud to present our project involving the design, fabrication, and installation of a cladding facade and illuminated sign for Riyadh Bank. Our primary goal was to revitalize the bank’s exterior appearance in a way that effectively reflects its corporate identity. The new cladding facade and illuminated sign have significantly transformed the appearance of Riyadh Bank’s premises.


Technical Details

  • Design: The sign features an eye-catching design that aligns with brand guidelines, incorporating advanced design techniques to ensure its appeal and visual impact.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing involves precise cutting and shaping of letters using state-of-the-art laser, plasma, and router machines, with an emphasis on high quality and attention to detail.
  • Materials: The sign uses galvanized steel for the letter bodies to ensure durability and longevity, paired with acrylic letter faces for an attractive and durable appearance.
  • Lighting: High-quality Korean-made LED lights are integrated within the letters, with a balanced distribution of lighting to enhance the sign’s visibility and visual appeal.
  • Installation: The sign is mounted on a Forex base for strong support and stability and is strategically placed to maximize visibility and visual impact.
  • Facade Cladding: Fabrication and installation of high-quality, fire-resistant cladding for the sign’s facade, ensuring safety and durability.

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