Project Manager

  • Full Time | Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Management

Job Brief

ARTISAN is on the quest for a meticulous Project Manager, a maestro adept at steering a diverse range of digital projects from the conceptual stage right through to flawless fruition. This pivotal role is designed for those who possess a harmonious blend of analytical rigor, strategic vision, and impeccable leadership skills to ensure projects align with our commitment to excellence.


  • Project Planning: Outline the scope, goals, deliverables, required resources, budget, and timing for new projects.
  • Team Collaboration: Coordinate with cross-functional teams, ensuring everyone is aligned and moving forward to meet project milestones.
  • Risk Management: Proactively identify potential project risks and devise mitigation strategies to ensure smooth execution.
  • Stakeholder Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with stakeholders, providing regular updates and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor and report on the progress of projects, ensuring that projects are on-time, on-scope, and on-budget.


  • Educational Background: Bachelor’s degree in Business, IT, or a related field. A PMP or similar certification would be advantageous.
  • Experience: At least 5 years of proven experience in project management, ideally within the digital or tech sector.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices.
  • Market Insight: Understanding of the dynamic digital landscape and the challenges and complexities involved.
  • Communication Mastery: Proficient in both English and Arabic, ensuring seamless communication with our diverse clientele and internal teams.


  • Strategic Insight: Ability to envision the big picture while diving deep into project specifics to ensure alignment with business objectives.
  • Analytical Precision: Aptitude for dissecting complex challenges, ensuring project plans are robust and achievable.
  • Leadership Excellence: Demonstrated experience in leading diverse teams towards a unified objective.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Adept at nurturing client relationships, managing expectations, and ensuring project objectives are met.
  • Time Management: Exceptional organizational skills, ensuring projects progress in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Promise

At ARTISAN, as a Project Manager, your realm extends beyond mere project execution. You’re the guardian of our commitment to unparalleled quality, ensuring that each endeavor we undertake not only meets but surpasses expectations. Each project’s success will be a testament to your meticulous planning, steadfast leadership, and unwavering dedication.

If guiding digital dreams to distinguished reality resonates with your professional ethos, ARTISAN extends an invitation. Join us, and let’s collaboratively script chapters of precision, prowess, and unparalleled project success.

Upload your resume from your device. Acceptable formats are .docx or .pdf with a maximum file size of 5MB.