Arab East colleges


Project Overview

Project to Design, Manufacture, and Install a Pylon Sign for the Arab East Colleges The purpose of this project is to effectively guide and direct visitors and students inside the university campus. The service includes the design of a signboard made of iron in a professional and attractive style. The design is printed on high-quality flex to ensure the clarity and attractiveness of the sign. In addition, in addition to installing Philips lamps to illuminate the sign in dark places or at night. This project was implemented with precision and care to ensure the provision of a distinctive and useful signboard for visitors and students at the Arab East Colleges.


Technical Details

  • Materials: Galvanized and coated steel pipes were used in the manufacturing of this sign to ensure its durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Printing: High-quality Korean flex was used in the printing process on the latest printing machines, which ensures clarity and excellent quality for the images and texts on the sign.
  • Lighting: The sign is equipped with Philips lamps from the inside, which provides a glowing and attractive lighting that effectively highlights the content.
  • Design: An eye-catching design that complies with the brand’s visual identity guidelines, with the use of advanced design techniques to ensure the attractiveness of the sign and its visual impact.
  • Installation: The sign was securely fixed to the ground using a concrete base, which ensures its stability and fixation in the designated location.

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