Zahrat Al Rawdah Pharmacies

Internal Signages, Stickers

Project Overview

Designing, manufacturing, and installing directional panels within Zahrat Al Rawdah Pharmacies as part of a project aimed at enhancing the customer experience and guiding them within the pharmacy. This project includes the creation of directional panels featuring clear and distinctive department labels. Additionally, high-quality advertising stickers are designed, printed, and installed on the interior walls of the pharmacy to promote the products and services offered. This project is executed with great care and attention in all branches across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ensuring a positive and comfortable customer experience while enhancing interaction with promotions and products.


Technical Details

  • Design: A striking design that aligns with the brand’s guidelines, incorporating advanced design techniques to ensure the attractiveness and visual impact of the sign.
  • Signage: Made from 10mm thick prominent Taiwanese acrylic. These signs are painted in colors that match the brand identity, ensuring consistency and seamless integration with the environment.
  • Stickers: High-quality German type with a protective cellophane layer. They are printed with high precision for clarity and aesthetics, and can be easily mounted on walls using 3M Double Tape.

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