Al Tanoor Fish Restaurant


Technical Details

  • Material Used: Oraget German-made vinyl. This material was selected for its superior quality, durability, and ability to retain color and detail over time.
  • Printing Technology: High-quality printing techniques were employed to achieve vibrant colors and sharp details, ensuring that the stickers stand out and catch the eye of potential customers.
  • Design Process: Our design team worked closely with Al Tanoor Fish Restaurant to create custom designs that reflect the restaurant’s ethos and appeal to its target audience. This collaborative process ensured that the final product was both visually striking and aligned with the client’s brand identity.
  • Installation: Professional installation was carried out to ensure perfect alignment, bubble-free application, and long-lasting adhesion, maximizing the visual impact and longevity of the stickers.

Project Overview

This project involved creating and implementing a comprehensive design solution for Al Tanoor Fish Restaurant, a prominent culinary establishment. Our team was tasked with conceptualizing, printing, and installing high-quality stickers to enhance the restaurant’s visual appeal and brand presence.


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