King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language

Internal Signages, Stickers

Technical Details

  • Stickers: Utilized high-grade German Oracal material, renowned for its longevity and vibrant color reproduction.
  • Wooden Panels: Crafted from durable wood and designed to be ceiling-mounted, providing both functional and decorative value.
  • Lighting: Incorporated Samsung LED lighting, ensuring that all signages and panels were well-lit, energy-efficient, and visually striking.
  • Canvas: Made with premium Korean canvas, known for its texture and quality, enhancing the artistic appeal of the spaces.
  • Printing: Employed high-resolution printing techniques using advanced German machinery, resulting in crisp, clear, and visually impactful graphics.

Project Overview

The King Salman Global Academy for Arabic Language recently undertook a comprehensive project to enhance their facility’s visual and educational environment. This project included the design and installation of various signage and decorative elements, aimed at enriching the learning atmosphere. The additions comprised aluminum indoor guide signs, wooden signboards, decorative ceiling-hung illuminated panels, wall and glass stickers, and canvas paintings. These elements were thoughtfully designed to blend educational utility with aesthetic appeal, creating an inviting and culturally rich atmosphere conducive to learning and exploration of the Arabic language.


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