Technical Details

  • Material Used: High-grade Oraget German-made vinyl, chosen for its excellence in quality, durability, and color retention, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Printing Method: Advanced high-quality printing technology was employed to produce stickers with vibrant colors and clear, playful imagery, capturing the essence of Squiggles’ product range.
  • Design Strategy: The design process involved close collaboration with Squiggles to create custom stickers that resonate with their brand and appeal to their target market of families and gift buyers. The designs incorporated elements of fun, color, and playfulness, aligning with the joyful nature of toys and gifts.
  • Installation Process: The stickers were professionally installed at key locations, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. The installation process was meticulously planned to ensure longevity and resilience, particularly in high-traffic areas.

Project Overview

This project was a collaboration with Squiggles, the leading e-commerce store in the Middle East specializing in toys and gifts. Our objective was to create visually engaging and playful designs for stickers, print them with high-quality materials and techniques, and install them in strategic locations to enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.


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