Innova Pharmacies

Internal Signages, Stickers

Technical Details

  • Stickers: Utilized high-quality German Orajet material, known for its durability and vibrant colors.
  • Internal Panels: Crafted from Taiwanese acrylic, renowned for its clarity and strength, providing an elegant look.
  • Lighting: Incorporated advanced Samsung LED technology, ensuring bright, energy-efficient illumination.
  • Backlit Panels: Employed Korean-made components, known for their reliability and excellent light diffusion.
  • Printing: High-resolution printing was done using a sophisticated German machine, resulting in sharp, vivid images and text.

Project Overview

Innova Pharmacies recently embarked on an ambitious project to enhance their store’s visual appeal and customer experience. This project involved the design and implementation of various elements that transformed the pharmacy’s interior. Key features included the installation of internally illuminated signage, creatively designed wall stickers, and backlit panels that provided a modern and inviting atmosphere. These enhancements not only elevated the brand’s image but also improved the navigational experience for customers, making it easier for them to find what they need in a visually pleasing environment.


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